About this Blog

At the end of 2009, I started a lifestyle blog called "Katie Lives Simply." 

It was a means of expression. 

A way to channel creative energy and spark conversation about lifestyles that was lacking in my political science classes. 

That blog co-existed with my study abroad blog, "The Other Side of the Pond," that existed for several months in the latter half of 2010 when I was based in London.  Chronicling my adventures of studying abroad and traveling for four months, that blog eventually became an archive record for myself, family, and friends. 

And, sometimes good things come to an end. My lifestyle blog ceased to exist technically in May 2011 when I became overwhelmed with taking the LSAT, moving to Washington, DC for the summer, and general senior year concerns. 

So, you must be wondering...how did Wandering Walpole come about? It all started when I got accepted into a graduate degree program at the London School of Economics. A new blog was born to chronicle travel, lifestyle, grad school, and career adventures. 

It's a myriad of posts, but I'm wandering through my life. And, enjoying every moment of it!

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