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My name is Kathleen, and I'm a current graduate student at the London School of Economics. I'm going to be a second- year in the Master's in Public Administration program.  A proud member of #orangenation, I graduated from Syracuse University, Magna Cum Laude in May 2012.  I triple majored in European history, policy studies, and political science during my four years there.

I've completed over twelve different internships in both my undergraduate and graduate careers.  At Syracuse, I completed my undergraduate honors thesis on social media and its potential effects on civic engagement with emphasis on use of new platforms by political campaigns.  I'm a self-proclaimed overachiever who enjoys a challenge.

Post- graduate school, I would like to enter the world of public service in the United States or take up a position in government relations with a private company. I'm currently seeking job leeds for entry-level positions.


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I live my life in hashtags.

Huge Fan of Jane Austen. 

Obnoxiously obsessed with Syracuse Men's Basketball

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