Thursday, June 5, 2014


The month of May was truly a month of travel for me. 

It was also a month of tremendous excitement as I accepted a job offer!

However, now that June is here, I've succumb to the tool of 9-5 studying. I was lucky to have all my papers and projects due at the beginning of May. Those long hours paid off as now I can devote my entire time to my last two exams.

Both of my exams are back to back...go figure. The first is on June 17th. That is my "Cities, Politics, and Citizenship" which is 100% of my grade. Thankfully, it is only two essays on the test. My second one is the next day. That one is for my class on the US Congress, and it is only around 66% of my grade. A tad less stressful than the first! 

I'll be hitting the books straight until the 18th...but I do have a few fun plans to report on the next few weeks (polo game, birthday parties, sightseeing). Stay tuned! 

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