Monday, May 19, 2014

Burghley House

This past Friday, my friend, Alex, and I jaunted up to Lincolnshire to check out Burghley House!

We left King's Cross around 8:30am, and we got off in Stamford around 10am. Stamford is England's finest stone town. The majority of the homes and buildings are made out of limestone.

Stamford Train Station

Stamford may look familiar to my fellow Pride and Prejudice fans. It was used as Meryton in the 2005 version of the movie.

No, sadly...the regiments were not around.

Alex and I took off on foot to Burghley House. It was a gorgeous day out, so we decided to walk rather than take a cab. I highly recommend this option as there are sidewalks all the way to the house as well as the opportunity to explore the English countryside.

Burghley House was used as Rosings in the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice. 

Are you sensing a theme yet?

This trip was reminiscent of the trip to Chatsworth House I did during the first year of grad school.

Sadly, the House, itself, was closed on the day we went. But, there was still tons to do.

First, we explored the grounds.

The Elizabethan gardens have been reconstructed based off of plans found in the house, and they were adjacent to the sculpture garden. 

Pond on Location


A Big Bunny
Before we headed back into London, Alex and I feasted on traditional British fare at the restaurant in the house. Luckily, that was open, so we were able to peak a bit into how it was decorated.

It was a perfect day out of London to get some fresh air, share some laughs, and hunt for Mr. Darcy!

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