Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekly Recap!

Besides my birthday happenings over the last week, I also completed another term of graduate school. Yes, you've done the math correctly! That leaves only one term left! Before we get to what I have planned over spring break, here's what else I've been up to over the past week!

Before my birthday party last weekend, I wandered through the Victoria and Albert Museum! I hadn't been inside to check out the exhibits since I studied abroad in 2010. 

Inside the V & A
I wondered around and checked out the fashion exhibit which showcased British fashion through the years. 

From there, I discovered the exhibit about theatre and concerts in London. I spent the majority of the rest of my time, there.

Costumes from the Lion King 

Vivien Leigh Archive 

War Horse 
On Sunday, the Pi Phi UK Alumnae Club and the KKG UK Alumnae Club hosted a Sunday Roast at a beer garden in Camden. Both of our sororities were founded at the same college in the US.

Tuesday was the big capstone presentation! My capstone group and I are officially done!

Capstone Team Post the Presentation 
Wednesday evening was full of excitement as Susannah and Nathan surprised Alyssa and I with birthday tickets to see 'Once' the musical! We both had no idea, and I had never seen the musical! It was an awesome performance! 


Before the Musical
The rest of this past week was spent preparing for the ball and wrapping up another semester! Stay tuned for most posts!

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