Saturday, March 29, 2014

Seeing Angela Lansbury!

Before I kicked it into overdrive and wrote a final essay this week, Monday was a day of fun.

I started out by spending my birthday discount at Anthropologie...picking up a few new essential pieces for spring! Sorry about that, bank account.

I, then, met my friend Ellie for dinner in Soho. Ellie and I met in our 'US Legislative Politics' class, but through Facebook friending, we learned that we have quite a lot of mutual friends in the States. It really is a small world. We went to Jackson and Rye which had a twist on some American classics. 

Our stomachs full, we went down the street to see 'Blithe Spirit.' 

I usually go and see musicals, so I was excited to change it up for a bit and see a play. Plus, Angela Lansbury is staring in this production of 'Blithe Spirit!'  She was returning to the West End after almost 40 years. The entire performance was great, and Angela nailed her part! For those Downton Abbey fans, the actor who plays Edith's missing boyfriend also starred in the play! 

After the show, Ellie and I attempted to get a selfie with her. We failed, but we had a few laughs trying to take one!

Angela Lansbury
It was a perfect way to start off spring break and a nice distraction from paper writing! 

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