Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ben Franklin's House, St. Martin in the Fields, and the National Gallery!

Last Saturday, I booked a  ticket to visit Ben Franklin's London home.  It's tucked on a side street near Charing Cross, and not only have I walked by the street several times. I've also walked down the street past the house before. Strange how that happens sometimes.

I booked an advanced ticket to visit his home which includes a guided tour and video segments.  The tour featured a woman dressed in period costume.

Main Staircase
The tour started in the basement or what was once the garden. There was an exhibit about the medical bones that were found in the ground during renovations of the house. It turns out there had been a boarder in the house at once that also operated a medical school.

The first video of the tour gave information about Ben Franklin's life in London leading up to the American Revolution. The house is actually the only remaining building in the world where Ben Franklin lived! 

Bad Photo- But...Ben Franklin's Eye Glasses 
While the house has been renovated, there is no furniture or furnishings. Instead, each room features a small chair or table that included what could have occurred in the room.  For example, the parlor featured a small tea table. In each room, our guide spoke to us about the history of the house which was also supplemented by videos.

It was an interesting tour and for under a tenner, it's definitely a place for all to check out!

Trafaglar Square
Since Ben Franklin's house is practically in Trafaglar Square, I wondered over to also check out St. Martin in the Fields and the National Gallery. Again, two things that I actually have never done despite studying abroad!

St. Martin in the Fields
I visited St. Martin in the Fields first where I ran into a small orchestra preparing for a concert. 

St. Martin in the Fields is famous for the alter window.

Alter Window 

Inside St. Martin in the Fields 
After looking around in the church, I wandered down to the Crypt. No longer an actual crypt, I stopped in to the cafe for a quick cream tea!

Cream Tea 
And, finally, I ended this big day of tourism at the National Gallery. I stopped in quickly to see some of Monet's work as it was too crowded to make it through any other rooms. Will have to go back!

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