Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekly Recap

Before I begin my weekly recap, let's just take a moment and celebrate (again!) Syracuse's victory over Duke last night!! I was at a MPA party and had to withdraw to the corner for the ending of the game. My tension and stress of the game might have scarred my friends that aren't used to the stress of college basketball. (Sorry all!). It was a great way to start the new rivalry! 

This week was much more mellow than the first few weeks of the term. Nothing too major in terms of assignments due. My capstone group met with our client this week to get a grasp of how they perceived out interim report. We got a a lot of great, constructive feedback which will be helpful moving forward for the final due in March. 

On Thursday, I went and met with a Pi Phi at the Sloane Club who is hopefully moving to England. She pledged during the 1960s, and it was awesome to just sit and discuss our college days together. Lifelong friendship, indeed! 

Friday morning, I helped out SU Abroad by assisting chaperoning study abroad students on a tour of Fuller's Brewery (post to come about the tour)! 
Fuller's Brewery
Friday evening, the MPA Student Association elections were held. How has it already been a year since the last ones? Time is just flying by! My dear friend, Alyssa, won the chair position for the next year! Afterwards, we all headed to a pub nearby campus for a few drinks!

With the newly elected MPASA Chair
Yesterday, I felt I was on the go non-stop. 

I started the down wandering the gardens of St. Paul's.

St. Paul's 
From there, I walked to an open air shopping mall to grab brunch with two friends I met through the Local Levo group. We tried out the Bread Kitchen which was amazing food wise and had a great atmosphere.

Inside of the Bread Kitchen

Brunch me, please!
Grabbing cupcakes for later, I headed home to do some laundry and answer emails before going out to Wahaca in Shepard's Bush for dinner! I met up with my friend, Maggie, her wife, and a few of their friends. Maggie is on the Executive Board for the Pi Phi Alumnae Club with me! 

And, last night ended with going to a MPA party. The theme this week? Tropical! 

BG and me 

Tropical goodness
Today, Alyssa and I grabbed brunch before wandering down Portobello Road. After she headed to campus to get some work done, I finally went and walked around Kensal Green Cemetery (more on that to come).

It was a great week of balancing academics, a social life, and being a tourist.

How was your week? 

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