Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kensal Green Cemetery

As part of my goal to see more of London before I leave in June, I recently visited the Kensal Green Cemetery near my flat. When I say near my flat, I literally mean a five- minute walk down the road. Despite living in the same place for the last year and a half, I just hadn't had time to take to stroll London's first garden cemetery. Kensal Green is also one of the last of seven magnificent cemeteries in London. 

Kensal Green Cemetery was opened in 1833 and takes up 72 acres of land. It borders the Grand Union Canal. Kensal Green is a distinctive cemetery as noted by many writers and historians for the various memorials that you pass as you stroll the grounds. I certainly noticed that right away- there was no one section for the grandiose mausoleums. The cemetery is still used today as I saw many recent stone markers. 

There is also an  Anglican Chapel and a Reformers' Memorial on the grounds. 

The cemetery is the resting ground for many famous people. The inventor of Pears soap, the founder of W.H. Smith Bookstore, Winston Churchill's daughter, and many famous actors and singers of their day. A few famous cremations have also occurred on the grounds including Joe Stummer's. 

I didn't get to spend too much time visiting the Cemetery as it was starting to rain, but it is full of history. Seeing the grand designs of the graves and mausoleums is worth a visit in and of itself! 

Have you visited Kensal Green Cemetery? 

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