Monday, February 3, 2014

Fuller's Brewery

As I mentioned in my weekly recap post for last week, I got to chaperone some of the SU abroad students for a trip to Fuller's Brewery!  

On Friday morning, I met two other guides and the students at the SU Abroad center before boarding a bus to Fuller's Brewery. 

Fuller's Brewery is located out in Chiswick with the closest tube station being Turnham Green. For those still needing clarification on where it is, it is so far west that you can access the highway to Heathrow. 

Now, I've done the Guinness Factory three times and have toured Jameson twice, so I expected a similar tour. I was wrong!  

We were broken into groups of around 15 with a guide that took us threw the actual brewery showing us step-by-step of the process that occurs each day. 

On the banks of the Thames 
To start, we walked down to the Thames. Fuller's Brewery sits right on the edge of the riverbank.  Don't worry, though, the Thames water isn't used to make the beer! 

Throughout the tour, we learned of the various players that took stock in the company through the last couple hundred of years. 

Inside the brewery, we saw a lot of the original equipment that was and is still being used!  The brewing process is incredibly complicated yet interesting at the same time. However, I think I'll stick to government for the time being as the science behind the brewing was a tad complicated for me. 

Got Beer? 
Original Equipment 
Post the tour that lasted a little over an hour, we were treated to a few drinks! After all, it was a Friday, and it was 5 o'clock somewhere…

SU Student Guides 
If you've completed a lot of the main London attractions, or if you are up for a good pint, I highly suggest checking into Fuller's Brewery! It's entirely different than other tours, and it offers a fun adventure for a few hours! 

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