Monday, January 6, 2014

Orange is the Happiest of Colors!

Over the weekend, I got head back to the Syracuse campus for a few hours. 

There is something about walking back onto your alma mater's campus. It's a homecoming. 

I returned to campus for the first-ever ACC basketball game in the Carrier Dome. My Dad and I hadn't been to a game in forever, so we wanted to get to one while I was home. It was also my first SU basketball game since becoming an alumna. The last one I had been to was the Elite 8 game in Boston back in 2012.  And, we can all agree that staying up in the wee hours of the UK to watch a game is not the same as being there in person.

It was an intense game-full of moments of stress. Thankfully, we pulled it off! We beat Miami only by a few points, but we still won! My Dad and I had a great time dressed in orange and cheering on our team! I also ran into a few friends from undergrad! 


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