Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Last Course Registration….ever?

This morning, I registered for my final courses at LSE. Weird, huh?

Even weirder? It could also be the last time I ever register for courses!

During my first year at LSE, as you may recall, there were no option courses. All first-year students have to take the same three requirements in addition to the stream requirement. All my units were clearly selected for me! This year, minus the two main requirements, I've gotten to choose what I've wanted to take. And, since last semester, I was interning, I waited for this term for the majority of my units to balance out a workload.

This term, I'm taking:

MPA Capstone: My group will be completing our project with G4S this term!

MPA Policy Paper: Started last term, but my final policy paper will be submitted.

GV4C4: US Legislative Politics 

GY439: Cities, Politics, and Citizenship 

GV477: Comparative Public Policy Change

IS479: Information Systems for the Public Sector: Digital Government and Service Innovation

It's going to be another long semester of reading, late hours, and tons of coffee. But, I'm up for the challenge. I'm excited to finish out my final two terms strong!

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