Sunday, January 26, 2014

Grad School Stress

Week two of the Lent term was anything but slow. 

I felt as if this entire week I was running around with my head cut off. 

One of the required courses for the MPA program ended this week with the final essay being due. It was a half-unit course with the majority of the work and classes being held last semester. The essay was 4000 words on crisis management. It was an interesting topic, but balancing everything with such a large essay was a bit difficult!  This past week, I also had a report for my capstone group project due, two group presentations, and regular work on top of all of that. 

Can we say that Katie needs a breather?

Because of my crazy week, I've been slow on posting on the blog and even doing tourist things in London. Even my social life slowed down this past week! 

But, I did go to a friend's birthday party on Thursday night! It was at the Roxy in Soho. I've been there a few other times before, and it's always a fun night out!

Jenny- The Birthday Girl!

Capstone Group 
On Friday before a capstone meeting, I had lunch with a fellow Pi Phi who recently found out about the UK alumnae club. She was unable to go to the happy hour earlier this week, so lunch in the city was the answer! We went to Alice near Bank. The food was great, but the view was much better:

The Gherkin
Yesterday, two of my friends hosted a "housewarming" party. They discovered they were both living in the same building after they had moved in! What a coincident! 

1st Year/ 2nd Year Buddy Combo 
The Trio
Today, I've been bogged down with a bunch of other work that I had no time to get to last week. Getting back to a normal is the goal this week, so expect regular posts! 

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