Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Band Perry Concert!

Last Monday, Jenny and I snagged cheap tickets to see The Band Perry perform at the Forum in Kentish Town. Yes, you read that right! Country music is quite popular in the UK although cowboy hats and boots still aren't that mainstream.

Jenny and me
I hadn't been to the Forum in ages, and we had standing room only tickets. Thankfully, the long line to enter the building was not indicative of the available space. We wound up in about the sixth row of the standing area. Lindsey Ell was the opening act. Not the usual country music I listen to, but she performed a great set to get us ready for a fun concert. 

And, I do mean fun.

The Band Perry puts on an amazing show. There was no down point of the show. The music kept going, feet kept the beat, and there was plenty of dancing!

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