Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Another Term Ends...

As I write this on a dreary, London day, I'm excited to announce that I've completed another term of grad school. 

Four semesters down, two to go!  

I can't believe how close I am to being done as well as how close the real world is! 

The end of this term was much quieter than my fall or spring terms during my first year at LSE. I had a non-graded essay, or rather a formative essay, due last Monday for my policy paper course. My policy paper is due in May, but I wanted to gain some more feedback about my proposal, etc.   The main assignment that I had due last week to complete the term was a 1500 word case analysis for my 'Organizations, Power, and Leadership' course. 

While I do have to work on an essay over break as well as capstone work, I can officially say that I finished another semester with a bang! 

Last week, I also finished my internship. It was so weird to think how quickly my time went at the Embassy.  I gained so much knowledge and acquired tons of new skills that I will take with me into my next endeavor..aka 'the big girl job.' 

I get to enjoy a few more days in London before I head off to America for a few days! 

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