Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween and a Birthday!

Happy Belated Halloween! 

And, Happy Official Christmas Season in London!!

The latter is the most important to me. Clearly. 

I'm not a fan of dressing up for Halloween. If you want me to decorate or bake something, then we can talk. But, dressing up is not my cup of tea. Now, Christmas...we can just keep talking about for days. The Christmas decorations have been going up for a few weeks in London, and without Thanksgiving over here, I can officially declare it time for all things Santa. 

Starting with my first red cup from Starbucks on Friday: 

Anyways, before I continue on my quest for all things Santa, time for the weekly, weekend recap! 

On Halloween, I had both class and a group meeting that cut into attending any Halloween parties I had been invited to. I grabbed dinner and drinks with the girls in Mayfair instead! 
Notice the normal clothes...
Yesterday, as I continue to try to be a tourist as much as I can in the city I call my home, I wandered around Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. Stopped to say to Albert at the Albert Memorial, walked along the Serpentine, and also found the location of where the Crystal Palace once stood. Finding the exact location of the Crystal Palace site has been on the London bucket list forever! 
Location of where the Crystal Palace once stood
I also met up with my friend, Allison, yesterday. She is a first-year, but had never really explored the Knightsbridge area. And, let's just be honest. Everyone has to experience Harrods at least once! We topped our afternoon of exploring the legendary store with some macaroons from Laduree!

Last night, I went out and celebrated my friend, Naomi's birthday! She's in the same year as my program, so it was a lively evening with the MPA-ers! Even ran into a girl from Syracuse that we had briefly met once on campus, and now are connected in London due to the SU alumni club! It really is an orange world. #orangenation


BG and me

The Birthday Girl

Intern Love

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