Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekly Recap.

If you haven't figured out by my lack of regular posts again, school is in full bloom.

I've just about got my schedule down to normal and can resume to post regularly. Compared to last year, this semester, I'm not in class for many hours. The majority of my courses are not offered till the spring term.

Ronald Reagan Statue outside the US Embassy

Fellow Interns at Borough Market
It's been a crazy few weeks.  My internship is going amazing, and I'm so glad that I have a chance to intern with the US Embassy this semester!  I intern around 20 hours a week as I'm restricted to part-time work due to my student visa.  And, the other interns for the semester and I have gotten to know each other well. We even stepped out to Borough Market last weekend.

Last weekend, I also attended a house-warming party for four of my friends in my program. They live down in Bethnal Green, so a quick shot down the Central line! It was a fun night out with the second year MPA class and a few first years!

The Girls

MPA Capstone Team!

Over this past week, my capstone group and I got going on our six-month project. We are working on accessing public accountability in services provided by private companies. Specifically, we are working with G4S. It should be an exciting project!

This week, I also got to have three mini Syracuse reunions. I first met up with my friend, Brittany, for cupcakes and coffee. We first met when we had class was the same class that I got to meet Hillary Clinton in!  I also got to grab lunch with my friend, Maria, while she was in town as well as give a tour of LSE to a current SU student! Tons of Orange love for the week!

Brittany and Me at Kensington Palace
Stay tuned for an update on the MPA Retreat and other musings! 

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