Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tired of London, Tired of Life

I acquired a book called, "Tired of London, Tired of Life," awhile back. Essentially, it's a book detailing something new to do everyday in London. I'm a tourist at heart, so this book was made for me. 

A goal of mine this year is to finally complete all of the tourist attractions in London that I have never done. In 2010, I felt as if I was always on a marathon mission to get to the next big attraction whereas in the past year, the things I did in London were still big attractions, but off the beaten track, too! 

This past weekend, I did just that: find some off the beaten track tourist attractions, but spend some time with the favorites as well. 

On Saturday, I took off to find the location where the last D-Day briefing took place. It was actually quite close to my home in Hammersmith. Hammersmith is also an area that I've never really explored apart from the tube/bus station! 

The location was tucked into gardens where a school used to exist. Now, the cite is occupied by a college. You couldn't go inside or rather too close to the building due to construction works, but it was still a sight to see especially due to the significance of the plan that was finalized there. 

From there, I wandered around to my favorite areas of London: Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower of London, and St. James' Park.

Buckingham Palace
Tower of London
Second Star to the Right & Straight onto Morning
On Sunday, I showed a fellow Syracuse alumna around Portobello Road before I committed to homework and waiting out the UK storm!

The Blue Door from the movie, Notting Hill 
How would you spend your day in London? Or any place?

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