Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Survived the UK Storm!

Thanks for everyone that reached out to make sure that I was okay post the UK storm that hit England and Wales yesterday (and eventually the continent).  I know many are still without power, and some lives were lost during the storm, so please keep them in your thoughts.

As for my storm story, I got home around 7pm on Sunday when it started to rain and the winds were picking up. My window in my studio is actually a door (e.g. emergencies). I had shut that firmly and locked the handle. When the storm hit London around 5am, I woke up due to the wind and rain, but also an open window due to the magnitude of the wind. Living right along the Union Canal was not so serene yesterday morning as the current had become similar to river rapids.  

I left for work around 7:30am as I usually do. Thankfully, there were hardly any delays on the busses and only waited a few more minutes than usual for the next train on the Central line. 

The majority of the damage I saw were a few broken lights, one broken traffic light, and some trees down. 

Post the Storm hitting my area of London.

Broken Traffic Light

Did you survive the UK Storm? 

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