Sunday, October 6, 2013

One Week Later

US Embassy in London
I will  have officially been back in London a week tomorrow morning. It's crazy that even a week flies by this quickly anymore. 

I mentioned in my post earlier this week that on Thursday we'd be having our introductory sessions for the second year. Thursday started off rainy (of course), but I got to collect my loan check for the term. It's the little things of feeling slightly richer and poorer at the same time.  

The second year sessions began with our Dean giving us an oversight on some changes to the program.  Following that, besides being reunited with so many of my friends in my program, we had an introductory class to a half-unit course we are required to take this year. It deals with power, organizations, and leadership. It's taught by the "father" of the MPA program, so I'm looking forward to this one! 

The afternoon and early evening of Thursday was spent listening to the various capstone projects that we could choose from for the year. Essentially, there are numerous government departments (UK), non-profits, world organizations, and non-profits that we can choose from. Each capstone group contains between three and five people doing research, preparing reports, etc.  I submitted my preferences today, and we get to find out our projects/group this week! 

And, we also finally registered for courses. Sadly, in all my years of higher education, I was shut out of a class I wanted to take completely. I wanted to take a media and politics course as an option this year. It's not even offered until the Spring, but despite registering for it, I've been shut out and put on a very long waiting list. But don't worry, I registered for two others that will be my options to take in the Spring! 

We officially start classes this week. As for my schedule, besides interning and capstone group projects, I only have class two days a week! 

More on my weekend adventure including the boat party to come!

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