Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday!

The weeks fly by so quickly anymore, don't they?

This was my last full week at home as next weekend I fly back to London to begin my second year of graduate school. It's crazy how the summer has flown by! More on that later though...let's get to my Friday favorites! Some of these are actual things while the rest are just moments that I'm loving reflecting on this week!


1. Can we talk about the Newsroom Season Finale? I was surprisingly pleased with the way Sorkin wrote this season finale. I'm used to his writing style from the West Wing, and I am so happy he let the characters play out....the way that I think most viewers were hoping for!

2. Fall Television Shows are coming back! I know I posted last week about the sneak peak of the season premiere of the Mindy Project. The season premiere of New Girl was on this past Tuesday. What fall shows are you loving? 

3. This is sort of a thank you one. I'm loving and appreciating the numerous comments I've received from so many numerous readers of my blog this week!

4. For those of you who don't know, I'm an avid fan of Yelp. I achieved Elite status earlier this year based on my reviews. Anyways, I received the weekly email this week for London which was all about my neighborhood, and one of my tips was included! Some might view it as silly, but I'm hopeful that even if one person can grab a tip of of what to do at Portobello Road based off my experiences, I'm happy! And for the other tips in the email for my neighborhood, I've put those on my list to check out.

5. And, last but not least...I'm super excited to get to know the incoming class in my Master's program.  It's hard to believe that it has been officially one year since I registered, attended orientation, and started math camp.  The incoming class attends registration today, and I've been emailing my first-year buddy with tips and answers to her questions. Let's just say that the MPA program rocks! 

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