Saturday, September 28, 2013

Summer is Over?

Summer vacation is technically over today. I know, I know...I don't resume grad school until this week with classes starting the week after. Yet, tomorrow, I leave to head back to London and start my new internship on Tuesday!

Can you believe how the time has flow? I feel as if I was literally just complaining about taking exams and studying for six weeks followed by complaining about waiting for exam results. How could that have been several months ago, already? 

Spending the summer essentially relaxing and being mentally and physically prepared for another year was the best medicine.  Of course, I worked remotely, but being able to sit down and watch television (something, I rarely do) was a great way to just not do the norm.  And, getting to spend time with my parents and the  animals was key to my relaxation as well. 

Until the next time which will be from the other side of the pond, enjoy your weekend!

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