Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Noticing Some Changes?

If you haven't seen them yet, I'm slowly making some changes to this blog.

A Changed Title? Imported Old Posts from Previous Blogs? New Photos?

Yes to all of them!

As I begin my last year of grad school, I want to be able to keep this blog active post graduation next June. The name change to "Wandering Walpole" will allow me to keep posting. Besides, I've been posting way too much lately about matters not concerning England. Flexibility is my goal!

(Note, the URL has not officially changed, yet!)

You may also notice in the archives that I have imported my two prior blogs: "Katie Lives Simply" and  "The Other Side of the Pond."  The first was a blog that I kept during undergrad at Syracuse for a period of a few years. And, the second is the blog I kept during the four months I studied abroad in London during undergrad! 

A lot of the renovations on the blog is still in progress, so get ready for some big changes in the next few months!

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