Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hello lovelies! 

This past weekend, one of my best friends and sorority sisters from Syracuse came to visit! We haven't seen each other in person since last summer in August. 

Let's just say that What's App and iMessage just aren't the same as laughing in person. 

Katie (yes, we are both named the same name!) arrived Friday afternoon. We spent Friday evening catching up, showing her around my small town, some drinks, and watching enough wedding shows to last for several weeks! 

Maude & Mabel
Saturday, we took off towards our alma mater to visit. We grabbed lunch at Destiny USA at Toby Keith's restaurant. I just have to rant that I am sad that there are so many more restaurant options now instead of during my four years. That rant aside, we strolled around the mall window-shopping and drinking Starbucks.

Hall of Languages
From there, we headed off to campus.  It was sentimental as I hadn't been back on campus since Labor Day last year. We strolled around from building to building on main campus, saw the reconstructed Remembrance Wall, and headed down to Marshall Street. 

Student Entrance for the Dome 

Reconstructed Remembrance Wall 

One of my favorite places on the SU campus 
Unfortunately, Chucks was closed, so we were unable to pop in to see our names on the walls. 

On Sunday, it was down-pouring, so our plans to go to the Jets camp and kayak at the lake were canceled. Instead, we went to Seneca Falls to see the Women's Right Museum and Memorial. 

The weekend was full of laughs, drinks, and plenty of new memories.

How was your weekend? 

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