Thursday, June 13, 2013

Victory is Mine!

Well, it is official! 

I have completed my first year of grad school at the LSE. It was the hardest academic year of my life. I lost track of the number of hours that I cried over assignments, the number of pages I read, the nights that I stayed up doing work, and the gray hairs that I found. I grew a lot this year.   I have no official word on how I did this year. I'm missing a bunch of grades as well as my exam grades. Those will come.

This coming Tuesday, I'm going home for the summer. It's a big change in the summer plans. I'm in desperate need of a break. I'm going to be working remotely for my two internships with the one wrapping up in July. I'll be starting a brand new internship this fall in London when I return. For the most part, I plan on trying to take it easy this summer. I'm emotionally and physically drained. I have some plans to visit friends and for them to visit me as well.

See you Tuesday, America! 

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  1. Love the photos of you being home. Such an amazing feeling to be home it must be. Relax as much as you can girl. Xxo Natalia