Saturday, May 25, 2013

Week Recap

Since my last post where I fully admitted to academic purgatory, I tried to add more fun activities back into my life. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy my coursework as I have mentioned numerous time. And, I love learning. It's just that cramming 20 weeks into my brain is not something I enjoy. 

On Tuesday, I attended a Local Levo League event. It was held in one of the buildings that was used in Skyfall. And, the view from the office spaces that we were in...was truly amazing! The evening was spent around asking for more. Specifically, we focused in how to approach situations of seeking more responsibility in the workplace as well as approaching the task of asking for a salary raise.  It was truly a great evening, and  I know the knowledge will be helpful in the coming years. Plus, I was able to catch up with so many amazing women that I know call my friends.

Building used in Skyfall

View from the Levo League Event

Wednesday evening, we had a sorority alumnae club event. I cannot recall if I mentioned, but I am now the Vice President of Event Planning for the Pi Beta Phi UK Alumane Club. I had organized the Founder's Day event in April, but I was in Scotland, so I didn't attend. The event this week was a Wine & Silver Spoons Potluck complete with a Cookie Shine. For my Pi Phi readers, I had been in desperate need of a cookie shine! 

Cookie Shine

Members of the Exec Board
And, on Thursday, I got to attend the public event at LSE with Jared Cohen and Eric Schmidt. It has to be the best public event that I have been to at LSE so far! I got there early and wound up in the front row. Despite having a ticket, LSE events fill up quickly. I had to get there an hour early! But, it was worth the wait! Truly inspiring talk about digital media, the Internet, the future capabilities, and the ideas of the changing world landscape. 

Jared Cohen and Eric Schmidt!
I'm off to go do some economics revision and laundry before a night out with a friend leaving for the summer! Stay tuned!

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  1. What a good balance of fun and academics! The Levo League event sounds map worthwhile and what an amazing venue! Good luck with the revision.