Saturday, May 11, 2013

One Year.

I'm sitting here with a box of tissues.

I cannot believe that it has been a year since I graduated from Syracuse University.  It was a year ago that I graduated from the honors program, my home college, and walked at Commencement.  

A lot can change in a year. Looking back on this last year, I grew a lot, both personally and professionally. Moving to a foreign country (again) and deciding to pursue a graduate degree that is heavily math-based was a huge decision that I am so glad I made. Understanding that some friendships and relationships do not always last is part of growing up as well. And, it is something that I experienced this year. 

I sometimes feel like I'm a new person than I was on May 13, 2012. Yet, I know I just changed and grew up (to use that phrase lightly). I still love playing and dancing to "Call me Maybe." 

So, I'll leave you with the video of Aaron Sorkin's Commencement address and some of my favorite photos from graduation weekend. Here's to another year post undergrad. Heck, next year this time, I'll essentially be done with grad school. 


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