Friday, May 10, 2013

Concept: Sleep

So, I've never been one to sleep that much. Trust me, you can ask my parents on this one. 

Recently though, or throughout this whole first year of grad school, I've realized that sometimes getting those seven hours that are recommend is a good idea.   I do feel more refreshed when my feet hit the floor in the morning rather than dragging. Don't get me wrong, I'm still struggling till I get to Starbucks and taste that first sip. 

Jawbone Up Band
I recently bough a Jawbone Up band. I've read reviews about them for months on end, and I finally decided it was time to commit. For my fellow expats, you can only get them at the Apple store in the UK (as far as I know).  Today was my first full day of using the band to track the number of steps/exercise I get daily, how well I'm sleeping at night, etc. I wore it to bed last night, and even though it was the first day of data, it started to tell me that I do not get a lot of deep sleep....

I'm interested to see what lifestyle changes that the Up band and app can provide over the next few weeks and months!  

Have you used the Jawbone Up band? How has it helped you? 

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