Monday, May 20, 2013

Academic Purgatory

Exams are two weeks away from today. (eeek!) LSE has a six week summer term period for exams, and mine all fall within a week of each other. Three of them are back to back, actually.

I've labeled this post academic purgatory because I wake up studying, fall asleep studying, and I do believe I've been having dreams with economic theories.  I knew this summer term would be rough, but I've never experience anything like this before. Having no exams, quizzes, and hardly any graded assignments during the first 20 weeks of this year has placed a direct impact on my studying this term.
Truthfully, I stayed consistent with the materials that we were learning each week. I reviewed during the Christmas break. I completed my weekly STATA assignments due to the random grading of one of them. And, yet, I'm still nervous for what is coming.

Essentially, I feel that I am cramming as much material in my head as I can before these exams. We are given access to past exams, and I've detected the patterns of exam questions and topics. But, at the same time, I've reread so many textbook and articles that sometimes I feel my brain has turned into mush. Yes, at Syracuse, I did sometimes cram the night before a test, and I was fine. This is entirely different.

But, it's a learning experience. It's the UK higher education system. And, I signed on for it.

Just two more weeks...

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