Saturday, April 27, 2013

Venice Day Three

Our last day in Venice was spent taking a walking tour of the city. We met our tour guide and group around 11am to begin walking and hearing the history of St. Mark's Square. We had saved doing the Basilica till that day because  we had wanted to hear the history as well. It was well worth the wait. I would never have learned about the construction of the Basilica and the influences that came from Constantinople.  Inside, it reminded me of the architecture that I saw in Istanbul especially with the mosaics.  (Sorry, no photos were allowed inside.)

For you, Marco Polo
The rest of the walking tour consisted of visiting the famous squares including the one named after Marco Polo, seeing the Bridge of Sighs, and learning about decrease in the number of permanent residents on the island.  There is the trend lately to see residents move to the mainland or other islands due to costs of living. The numerous houses that have been left abandoned are now being turned into hotels. Yes, it did make me miss my econometrics class. I was thinking of numerous regressions that could be run. 

Closed Home
We grabbed one last lunch of Italian food- bruschetta, cannelloni, pizza, and mozzarella, and one last gelato scoop before we headed off to the island where the airport was. 

When the moon hits your eyes, it's like a big pizza pie...
Venice and Verona was an amazing way to end the traveling portion of my spring break. We were delayed getting back to London last Friday evening, but getting there and home is half the adventure, eh? I'm so glad that I was finally able to see other parts of the country, and I'm already planning a trip to Lake Como, Naples, and Milan in the future. Arrivederci!

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