Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Prague Recap: Day One

Over the weekend, Jenny and I traveled to Prague for some early birthday celebrations! It's been a city I've dreamed of visiting for more years than I can remember. Full of history, color, culture, and food, I was not disappointed. 

We were able to grab an Expedia deal that allowed us to get BA flights out of Heathrow and a four star hotel within our student budget. Not too shabby, eh?  

To start our Friday, we headed out from our hotel to catch a view of Prague Castle from the river bank. We were within a two minute walk to the famous Charles Bridge.  While the city was foggy (good old London fog following us...), the views were still incredible. We got our first taste of the amazing city, and were ready to keep exploring. But, first lunch!

Our first lunch was traditional Czech food full of Pilsners! 

I settled for Czech goulash and bread dumplings. 

Once our bellies were full, we wandered around the Old Town Square to see the Astronomical Clock, the colorful buildings, and the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn.

Astronomical Clock  
Church of Our Lady Before Tyn 
Jenny and I had decided to purchase Hop On-Hop Off bus tickets. So, we started our 48 hour pass on that afternoon as well. I'm a huge advocate of the Hop On-Hop Off busses because you get more facts about the city, get to see things that you often would not see, and transport throughout the city. We were able to see sights such as the building used for the Bourne Identity, the Strahov Stadium, and the older buildings in Prague that are now used for the government and hospitals that we normally would not have had time to see (or find)! 

Strahov Stadium 
Once we rode around once, we hopped off to wander the bridges and the area around our hotel. We had booked a dinner river cruise for the evening, so we headed back to the hotel to get ready for that. 

The dinner cruise celebrated Czech heritage. Complete with Pilsners, a live band, and traditional food, Jenny and I had a great time on board. We were also able to grab numerous photos of Prague at night! 

Charles Bridge at Night

It was truly a great first night in Prague! Stay tuned for updates about the second and third day!

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