Thursday, March 28, 2013

Father-Daughter Trip: London Day 1

Greetings! Sorry for the bit of the delay in the running blog posts about the adventures that my Dad and I are doing. We've got a lot to see, and we find ourselves a bit sleepy at the end of each day.

Monday morning, my Dad landed at Heathrow around 7am. By 8am, he had found me once he cleared the border, and we set off for Central London.  Our hotel is right by Paddington in W2. We picked that location to be close to a neighborhood I know as well as tons of options for public transport into Central London.  We were able to check in early which was great to let my Dad begin to get over jet leg. But, after a short break, we set off to begin the tourist activities.

Name was all over the Tower of London
We purchased the Hop-On Hop Off bus for the day to allow us to get to see more of the city, especially since we only really have four days here. We stayed on the bus for a few hours allowing it to make a full circuit before disembarking to check out the Tower of London. It may have been freezing cold in the wind, but we wanted to see the must-sees!  We passed by the Crown Jewels, saw the famous ravens, found the name "Walpole" numerous times in the torture chamber exhibit, and checked out the view across to Tower Bridge.

Outside the Tower of London- Tower Bridge in the Background
From there, we hopped on the tube and headed down to Westminster. Stopping along to see the war memorials, Big Ben, and Downing Street, we ended up trying to get into the Churchill War Rooms. Unfortunately, they were closing early that day.

We took an early dinner before heading off to the London Ice Bar. It was my third Ice Bar experience across Europe, and Dad's first one ever. A bit cold, but well worth the experience.

It was a somewhat calm first day, but that was mainly because of the cold weather and my Dad's jet lag. Stay tuned!

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