Friday, March 29, 2013

Father Daughter Eurotrip: Day 2

On Tuesday, Dad had finally started to get over jet lag. We took a casual morning to get started complete with a full English breakfast. We dined at Shakespeare's Head- a local place near the LSE campus that my friends and I often visit! It was my Dad's first experience with traditional English breakfast, and we left full for a day of sightseeing!

Traditional English Breakfast
Since we were so close by campus, Dad deserved a campus tour. When I applied to LSE, I had only walked by it during my time abroad in 2010. It was not like the whole touring process that my Dad and I did in 2007 when I was looking at colleges. Nevertheless, I gave him a full campus tour complete with a stop at the George (on campus pub).

Outside the Old Building at the LSE
And, since we had no luck getting into the Churchill Museum on Monday- that was our next stop! We spent about two hours in the museum looking at the war rooms from World War II. It's one of my favorite museums in London, so I was glad to get back and go through it again!

The man in the trenchcoat I do believe was Churchill's ghost

To round up the afternoon after the museum, we wander through St. James' Park up to Buckingham Palace and then to the Royal Mews.  The Royal Mews is where the carriages, cars, and horses for the royal family are kept.  We were able to see the carriages used for the royal wedding as well as the gold stagecoach which is used for coronations. Begged me to ask the questions: When is the next wedding? And, when will see another coronation? 
Dad and me outside Buckingham Palace
The Golden Stagecoach used for Coronations 
Early evening before we changed for dinner, we headed down to Waterloo to do the London Eye. I've been meaning to do the London Eye since I studied abroad in 2010. Yet, I never had the time to do it! But, now I can officially cross it off the bucket list and my 101 in 1001 days list! It was a bit overcast, so the views farther away were limited. However, we still got some great shots of the iconic London buildings!

Big Ben in the Background

On the London Eye
After we had a quick change at the hotel, we set off for dinner at Rules. Rules is the oldest restaurant in London. It was established in 1794 complete with tons of stories about the royals and celebrities surrounding the establishment. There's actually a secret entrance for the royal family as well as a private club to be invited too. Sadly, we just ate in the dining room for the evening, but it was a real treat. The walls are decorated with photos, paintings, clocks, etc. from over the years. The atmosphere was elegance left over from the days gone by. And, the food was divine!

The Kate Middleton "29"

The Experience of Rules
And, no...for all of you Downton Abbey fans. Edith was not in for the evening.

Tuesday in London was busy, but we saw a lot! Dad and I were both able to cross off quite a few things on the bucket list! Stay tuned for more adventures. 

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