Thursday, March 7, 2013

End of the Semester is Upon Us

I cannot believe that the term ends in two weeks. I feel as if I just got back from my winter break at home. As usual, my spring terms just fly by. I felt like that for all four years at Syracuse.

The semester has been a long run full of many essays, STATA assignments, projects, and readings. While I have had many sleepless nights this term just like the last one, I know it will all pay off in the end. 

Since we have a five week break following the end of this term, I have started to do some exam prep and time management for that ahead of time. Getting used to the UK system of exams is going to be difficult. I am trying to get ahead in the planning as even though I plan on doing some work in the early mornings and evenings on my few weeks of travel, some days I may not be getting anything done. 

But, enough of exam talk now, I have a list of things to do before the end of the semester sprinkled among a lot of fun things. For now, here's that list as I must get back to reading: 

-2 STATA assignments to go
-1 management essay
-2 management projects (same topic, first one is non-graded, second one is)
-1 non-graded economics group project
-1 government group project
-too much reading to count
-MPA ball
-Schedule several events for the Pi Phi Alumnae Club (I'm the new Vice President of Event Planning!)
-And, so much more!

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