Thursday, March 7, 2013

Amsterdam Recap: Day Two

On our second and last day in Amsterdam for the short weekend away, Nicole and I woke up to head to see the Reiksmuseum.  This museum houses a bunch of Rembrandt pieces as well as being home to one of the 10 best libraries in the world.  Before heading to the museum though, we stopped and grabbed breakfast. Since I was still on my Dutch food eating spree, I had a lovely peaches and cream pancake.

After breakfast, we found ourselves at the iconic sign. It's a huge tourist draw- so much so that we ended up counting three different versions of the sign around the city. Here are some fun photos from it:

Famous Sign

I am Katie! 
the "m"
As we made our way into the Reiksmusuem, we found that the majority of it was also under renovation. Nevertheless, we got to see quite a lot of famous paintings. I will have to make another trip back to see the library...

For the rest of the day before we had to head to the airport to make our flight, we found ourselves indulging in mayo french fries, visiting the cheese museum, and walking along the canals. The cheese museum while somewhat cheesy (!) was full of laughs and wheels of cheese. I picked up some herb cheese, and it has made a great snack throughout the week! 

Mayo Fries

Quintessential Amsterdam

Say Cheese! 
Cheese man!
Even though I only got to spend two short days in Amsterdam, it was well worth seeing a city that has been on my list for quite some time. It was so calm and peaceful to be along the canals.  I will definitely be making another trip in the future!

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