Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Upcoming Travel Plans!

Exciting News!

I'm headed to Prague for my 23rd birthday this year! I cannot travel the weekend of my actual birthday due to a group project being due, but I'm headed there the weekend prior. I've always wanted to go to Prague, so I'm excited to check the city out while celebrating. 

Spring break plans are also coming together. My Dad and I are going to be traveling for three weeks, but I wanted to spend some time traveling to other places before my summer term begins! 

After my Dad leaves, I'm going to be taking a solo trip up to Edinburgh, Scotland. I just booked the hotel for four days of exploring the city as well as a day trip to find the Loch Ness monster! From there, I'm headed home to London for an evening before Nicole and I head off to Verona, Italy. We're spending several days in Verona before heading off to Venice! 

I'll essentially be traveling for a month to a wide range of towns, cities, and countries. I'm super excited to get traveling again in Europe. I cannot wait to see these places and see what I stumble upon!

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