Saturday, February 9, 2013


One of my favorite things about London is the fact that so many musicals are constantly on. 

I'm a huge lover of musicals: always have been, always will be. 

But, last semester, I did not get a big change to see anything musically. I know I saw Mumford and Sons at the end of the term, but that was just one concert. And, no musicals. None. Zero.

When I lived in London for four months in 2010, I saw more than I can even think of right now. One musical that I got to see in 2010 was the sequel to "Phantom of the Opera," "Love Never Dies." 

This semester, and well for the rest of my time in London, I am determined to see more musicals. 

I saw two this past week alone. See, I when I get determined about something, I make sure it happens.

On Friday night, as my sickness was settling in, Jenny and I went and saw "Singin in the Rain." A fan of the classic movie already, I was excited to see how the stage show would be...especially with the rain effects! I was not disappointed. The rain scenes were amazing, and I left singing the songs in my head. A feel good family fun night out!

And, on Wednesday this week, Nicole and I went and saw "Phantom of the Opera."  Now, this was my sixth time seeing the live performance of the show.  Phantom is one of my favorites. It always will be. I wish the sequel was still on as I had to listen to the sequel soundtrack on my bus ride home. It was Nicole's first time seeing the stage show, and I know she was singing on her way out as well. I may still have to go back and grab those cheap tickets a few more times before I leave London....good thing I've got till June 2014. 

Her Majesty's Theatre
As for the next musicals on the list, I'm hoping to make it to see "the Bodyguard" soon. I've got a few plays on the list to see before they close as well. 

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