Thursday, January 24, 2013

Inaugural Ball for Democrats Abroad!

I consider Inauguration Day one of my favorite days every four years. It ranks second to Election Day for my favorite days. Call me a true political nerd. 

I had found out about the Inaugural Ball that was occurring for Democrats Abroad upon my return to London following winter break. Zaina and I decided to attend without dates because we also wanted to meet new people outside the MPA program at LSE. 

The evening started off with a happy hour before the three-course meal. We did end up running into a few other MPA students  for the happy hour. From there, the three course dinner served. We wound up at a table with a bunch of Americans all in the United Kingdom either for education, work experience, or just a change of pace of life. Jessica, the girl who sat next to me, is actually going to be starting a part-time course at LSE in human rights. She was currently working for a non-profit. 

Zaina and Me

Post-dinner, the Executive Board of the UK Democrats Abroad had a few speeches about the accomplishments of Obama's first term, the 2012 election, and the hopeful progress that can be made during the second term. The crowd erupted when the goal of taking back the House in 2014 was stated. Enthusiasm was felt all around the world which allowed for a transition to the highlight video of the first term. From there, the Inauguration speech was played on a loop before the dancing began. 

Overall, it was a great way to celebrate Obama's second inauguration. I had watched the inauguration online earlier in the day, but being able to celebrate with it with a roomful of proud Americans and even foreigner was a great experience. It's something that I will never forget!

Oh, and if you forgot. Here's the photo showing Obama and me, future president. 


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