Friday, December 7, 2012

MPA Christmas Party!

Andrea and me- Syracuse alums!
Happy Holidays from Across the Pond!

Last night, the MPA department hosted a holiday party for all of the first and second year students. All of us, first and second years, needed a break from all of the work we've been doing. Personally, I have two group projects due next week, some stuff for an internship, and a huge STATA problem set that is fast approaching.  Nevertheless, we quickly put our worries and stress beside. 

After all, this the MPA program.  We may work hard, and we may become the next policy shapers in the world...but we do enjoy a fun time! 

Simon and me
The location of the party was the underground bar in one of the other pubs on campus. Decorated with Christmas decorations, we danced to 90s hits, Christmas music, and current music. It was a fun time, and it was needed before this final week. 

Federico, Simon, and me
Jenny and me

Brett and me

Jo and me

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