Friday, December 14, 2012

"In These Bodies, We Live.."

I can officially cross seeing Mumford and Sons live off my bucket list. 

An avid fan, lover of Mumford and Sons, the concert was truly amazing. 
Even if I was not a huge fan, it was most likely the best concert I've ever been to.  

And, I mean seeing Marcus Mumford sing the ballads and songs was truly a sight itself. 

The concert evening started off with drinks and some Mexican food with Nicole, Arielle, and Jenny. The drinks were needed as Jenny, Nicole, and myself finished our government group presentations that day. I had lost a good two days of sleep working on that project.  

There were two opening acts for the evening. We missed the Post-War Kids, but were able to catch Dawes. I had only ever had one song by them before, but they were great live. Defiantly worth checking into them!

And, then, Mumford and Sons came on. Honestly, I couldn't stop singing along, stomping my feet, and clapping my hands the entire time.  All of my favorite songs were played (Holland Road, Hopeless Wanderer, Below My Feat, Winter Winds...). I found myself several times closing my eyes and listening to the lyrics. There have been many days these past several years where I used the songs by the band to enjoy happy moments and get through those tough days. 

Marcus Mumford

I'm a Hopeless Wanderer 
Light Show for "Lover of the Lights" 
How Fickle my Heart, How Woozy my Eyes
The end of the concert included an acoustic performance of the band as well as a remake of "With a Little Help of My Friends" with Dawes. 

Acoustic Performances

I get by with a little help from my friends...
If you cannot tell from this post so far, I'm still on cloud nine from attending. Well worth the pounds spent and the time taken out from studying. Excellent way to end the first term of grad school.

Here's a link to the article about the concert: 

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