Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Final December Weekend of Fun!

Since I finished term on Wednesday, I essentially have had a four day weekend to explore and be a tourist in London. Post an advisor meeting on Thursday morning, Arielle and I headed over to Winter Wonderland. As you may recall, Winter Wonderland is one of my favorite parts of London at Christmas.  Going on a weekday has its advantages- less crowds, and no lines for mulled wine. 

We started off on the adventurous side with the world's biggest mouse roller coaster. I don't have a feel of heights, but I do have a feel of falling. Yet, the five minute ride was well worth the screaming.

Wild Maus
Arielle and me
Post rollar-coaster, we sat down for lunch in the Bavarian Village complete with cider and mulled wine.

As we were a bit cold and both needed to finish some Christmas shopping, we headed down to Harrods. A madhouse as we expected, we still managed to find some new tea, some Christmas goodies, and eat some ice cream. It's been on my list of things to do in London to actually eat at the ice cream parlor inside Harrods, and I can now cross that off! We split a macaroon sundae, and it was to good to not take some photos of!

Arielle and Me
Thursday evening, I went to the Pi Phi London Alumnae Club Holiday Party. I hadn't had a chance to go to any of the events this term yet, so I was super excited to meet some other Pi Phis. I also got a chance to see Michelle, the Chair of the club here. We ran into each other literally on the street in 2010 when I was wearing letters one day. We had drinks and dinner at Wahaca's South Bank Experiment. I'm a huge fan of Wahaca already based off the Covent Garden location of this Mexican restaurant. The Southbank Experiment location overlooks the Thames.

Two Sisters and Me
Friday was spent running some errands and taking it easy. It was a crappy evening, and the West Wing was needed.

Yesterday, Arielle, Jenny, and I met up in Islington to hunt down this craft store called Loop. Jenny knows how to crochet, and our goal of the day was to do that. I had tried before, but failed, and Arielle wanted to learn as well! The craft store was located in Camden Passage. The street it was on was also filled with a pop-up antique market. Post shopping, we met up with Zaina at a local pub where we proceeded to crochet, drink mulled wine, catch-up, and eat lunch. My scarf is still a work in progress, so no photos yet..But I do promise once it is done to show it off! 

And, today was my last day in London before break. I took the day to run some last minute errands including a trip to Laduree and to stock up on some Cadbury for the Christmas holiday. I fly home tomorrow, and I must say that I'm looking forward to escaping for a few weeks. 

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  1. Yes, Harrods at Christmastime is a madhouse. Doesn't matter what day you go or what time, you will always be fighting your way through the store. Glad you enjoyed your visit!