Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving a la London!

Well, once again this year, I found myself not being able to go home for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is  one of my favorite holidays after my birthday/St. Patrick's Day and Mayfest (oh, good old Syracuse).  In 2010, I was very homesick, and I chose not to celebrate then. I got myself a Thanksgiving cupcake and skyped my family. Yet, this time, with a solid group of friends here, we decided to do something. And, if you are wondering, I did have friends here in 2010 (haha), but none of my best friends and I went abroad the same semester. 

So, what did I do for Thanksgiving 2012 then?

Post a couple of meetings and helping out at the MPA bake sale for our charity this year, a group of us headed over to the Hard Rock Cafe by Hyde Park Corner for some traditional turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. 

We appropriately dubbed our Thanksgiving dinner the:

American/Finnish/Ukrainian/Jordanian Thanksgiving!

While the meal was no where close to Mom and Dad's, it did the job until I am home for the Christmas holiday. We ended the evening with a drink at a nearby pub! 

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