Saturday, November 3, 2012

Monster Mash!

Everyone has his or her favorite holidays...and his or her least favorite holidays as well. My favorite? St. Patrick's Day (yay birthday!), Christmas, and Mayfest (Syracuse "holiday"). Least favorite? Halloween.

Most are surprised when they hear that I don't like Halloween. To be honest, I just don't like dressing up. Decorating, yes. Baking, yes....Martha Stewart aspects of the holiday, I'm fine with. Come to think of it now, maybe I should have dressed as a Pinterest board...hmm? When I was little, I had awesome costumes, though. That horse/princess combo outfit...still my favorite Mom. And, that year I dressed as a nun and led prayer sessions for chemistry in high school...

But, despite my opinion towards the holiday, there was a MPA Halloween Party this past week. Naturally, I did need to come with a costume.

But, before we get there, we need a story.  A story that precedes this  past week...even precedes college.

When I was 10 years old, I dressed up as Susan B. Anthony. Yes, I wore period clothes, hair back, glasses on, with a sign. Sister Suffragettes! Clearly, my aspiration to make a difference, emulate powerful women, and be opinionated came from a young age. Thanks, Mom and Dad. Anyways, that Halloween, I went trick-or-treating, and a man did answer the door, refused to give me candy, and shut the door because I dressed up as Susan B. Anthony. Humorous story, to this day.

Yes, I know this song by heart....

Thus, this year, when it came time to decide what to dress up, there was really only thing to dress up...

Political, check. Funny, yes. Not an extreme costume, check!

With the election coming up in two days, it was fun.  Party was a lot of fun, but I did cut out early as I did have class early the next Morning. Oh, and with the election coming up, don't forget to vote!

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