Saturday, November 10, 2012

Friday Festivities!

My typical Friday includes morning class, some work into the early afternoon, and taking the rest of the night off due to the extremely stressful weeks that I usually have. Those Friday afternoons often consist of seeing a tourist attraction, drinking coffee, and eating macaroons. Sometimes living the life of a student can be nice?

This Friday was extra special! I had two friends from Syracuse in time. Katie Mae and Jason have been in London for a few days and are off to Wales for the weekend. I've known Katie Mae since I was a freshman in college- we've been friends since we met! The big group of us back at Syracuse always had a good time. So, last night, John, my guy friend from Syracuse- same group of friends, and I met up with them to get dinner and catch up. John is here on a Marshall Scholarship starting his second master degree.

We had a fun evening between a few pubs, taking in the Christmas lights in Covent Garden, and sharing plenty of laughs. Here's a few photos from the evening!

Katie Mae, John, & Me

The Londoners!


Katie Mae & I

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