Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Look Back

Hello all! I must apologize for the lack of a weekend post and a Thanksgiving post that was almost posted a week later. Times have gotten more stressful than usual because of the approaching end of Michaelmas term. Nevertheless, here's the weekly weekend recap...just now taking place on a Thursday.

Last Friday night was a mild one. First, the MPA Student Association (MPASA) has a careers committee which I am apart of. Myself along with my friend Yiling and the chair, Madeline organized a management consulting panel for our fellow students. It was this past Friday night. I'm glad that I got to help organize it as well as attend as I can safely say that management consulting and I do not match. It's an interesting field, and the practice case was a lively discussion, but it didn't feel like I could commit myself to something like this for the next 40 years.  Post the event, several of us went over to the George for some end of the week drinks followed by dinner.

On Saturday, I met up with Elena and Jenny for a late lunch at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.  If you have never been, I suggest that you get yourself to London and more specifically, Winter Wonderland as fast as you can. Think Bavarian Village, the North Pole, and the culture of London combined into one. It takes over a large part of Hyde Park with tons of mulled wine stations, stalls selling candies and crafts, and rides for kids.  It was raining all day Saturday, but it will was still fun.

Jenny and me

Elena, Jenny, and me 
After Hyde Park, Jenny and I ventured down to Harrods for some window shopping. Harrods was busier than usual on a Saturday due to the holiday season. Jenny had never been, so we took our time walking through the various departments such as the animals, toys, and the Christmas sections.

And, for the rest of the day, I finally got to see Nicole for the first time in several weeks. It's hard because she's just as busy with her grad school program. And, her going to another university makes it even more difficult. Nevertheless, our evening was spent grabbing hot chocolate and croque madames at Patrissee Valerie (yum!), going to Winter Wonderland (again!), and catching a movie.  If you can't tell, I was extra good this year, so Santa let me attend Winter Wonderland twice in one day!

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  1. What a lovely Saturday! You're brave to go to Harrods on a Saturday. I'd always try to sneak in just as it opened on a weekday because I would get so overwhelmed. Glad you caught up with your friend, old friends are the best for a touch of reality and comfort.