Tuesday, October 2, 2012


As my first week of my pre-semester math course wound down, the weekend began with a lot of adventure! On Friday after math class and a career talk, Kaitlyn, Arielle, and I headed over to the Three Tuns. The Three Tuns is one of the several campus bars.  We had a few drinks before it was a casual get-together of the first-years put on by the MPA Student Association.  Pizza and friend speed-dating started off the evening. The quick three minute conversations of speed-dating were nice to get to know some who I haven't had a chance to meet yet. It did remind me a little of recruitment, though...

Following the speed-dating, we went on a scavenger hunt around campus. While there was no prize at the end of the evening, we learned more about the somewhat hidden computer labs on campus, study spaces, and met tons of second-year students. The rest of the evening was spent at the George. Another on-campus pub with the LSE name splattered everywhere. Not quite the same as Chucks, but it will do for the next two years. It does win one category and that is being able to be outside with having an open container.

Saturday was a sleeping-in day since math camp had taken over mornings and sleeping in past 7am. A bunch of us girls met up a bit after lunch to go to Portobello Road/Market.  Hours were spent browsing stores, stands, eating cupcakes, and street food. Visiting Hummingbird Bakery brought back some good memories from 2010.

Enjoying a bite! 
Hummingbird Bakery
Delicious Lunch
I must admit that I've always had a soft spot for Portobello Road. I think it goes back to loving "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" as a child. A whole song devoted to how great Portobello Road is not easily forgotten, especially for this Disney girl who loves the British culture.  The stalls of antiques and non-antinques, crafts, jewelry, etc. are just fun to take in. I think the essence and the attraction of Portobello Road/Notting Hill has increased since the movie with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts was released. While I still have yet to do the walking tour of movie shooting locations, I am able to immerse myself in this area as much as I want. Just a short ten minute walk!

Zaina, Arielle, and I at Portobello Road
Afterwards, Arielle, Kaitlyn, and I went to Covent Garden for happy hour. We found this cute Mexican restaurant tucked down a back ally. We will have to go back for more!

Saturday evening, about 30 of us first-years went salsa dancing. Now, I know what you must be thinking. And, you are right. I really can't dance, but I still had fun! Something new, something different. Plus, getting to know your classmates in another setting is always a positive! It was out in Camden, so a bit of a journey from Notting Hill, but I had plenty of entertainment on the bus. Sunday was uneventful as I mastered the art of laundry in my building, went grocery shopping, and did math homework.

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