Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Spoonful of Sugar"

Well, if you cannot tell from the title of this blog, I've come down with my usual fall cold/sinus infection. The weather, lack of sleep, and being around my peers who have also been sick contributed to my sickness for the past few days. Thankfully, today, I'm finally feeling better. Surviving on OTC medicine I brought from the US, it was clear that I should have registered with the NHS earlier on. I'll be doing that next week, so if I get sick again, I can at least get some prescription medicine.

Despite being under the weather, I've had a fairly busy week. Monday-Wednesday, I had something due in all my classes. For the most part, the assignments that have been due aren't graded. A lot of them are for feedback which is nice, especially with economics! We had our first big STATA problem set due this week in econometrics. That could be graded since three of them are randomly chosen and averaged to make up a percentage of my final grade.

Outside of classes and trying to get over my sickness, I've joined the LSE Think Tank Society. I'm a committee member with helping to organize a roundtables around US politics due to my background. It should be fairly interesting to work on for the entire year. This weekend, the first years are having a MPA BBQ which I'll be attending along with trying to get ahead in some of my reading. It's not a secret-grad school is hard!

Sorry for the quick update, but I'm off to the Public Sphere Journal meeting! It's a journal just for MPA students to contribute too!

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