Sunday, October 14, 2012

Saturday Adventures!

As the first week wound down, it was time to balance out the already demanding pressure from schoolwork. Naturally, it meant it was tourist time. Yesterday, Jenny, Arielle, Liz, and I took off an adventure to Greenwich!

Beginning the day, we started with a river boat cruise of the sights on the Thames.  An hour cruise ride to Greenwich rather than the tube/train was well worth it. We had a guide pointing out the sights from the main ones to where the Mayflower set off.

The London Eye

"Second star to the left and straight onto morning"
Once we arrived, we took off to the market. If you haven't figured out yet, our weekends have become a day where we explore different areas, but we seem to keep finding markets! Greenwich Market is one of my favorites because it combines food, antiques, and crafts in one. Compact, yes...but not without flair.  I managed to come home with two handmade necklaces and two coasters with fun facts about the tube.  Lunch wise? Well, I headed over to the stand playing Mumford and Sons and came back with a hot roast beef and cheese sandwich.

Inside Greenwich Market

My Delicious Lunch
Taking to Greenwich Park after lunch and shopping, we passed by the stadium and area that was used for the equestrian shows during the Olympics.  Some of the structure had started to be taken down, but much of the Olympic spirit is still alive and well! At the top of the hill before finding the Prime Meridian, we were treated to a great view of the city. When I went in 2010, it was a bit murky and rainy. Thankfully, today, while the clouds were mysterious in several areas, I got a much better photo of the area.

The Prime Meridian was next! Standing in two hemispheres again! While it is just a line, it is well worth it! Now, I just need to get to the equator and the international date line.

Standing on the Prime Meridian

2 Hemispheres at Once
On our boat ride home complete with mulled wine and hot apple cider, we got off at St. Katherine's right next to Tower Bridge.  Heading into a marina that reminded me of San Diego, we came across the day's ultimate prize.  The Glorina was in the marina next to the pub where were headed to. For those who do not know, the Glorina was built for the Diamond Jubilee and led the procession of the boats on the Thames. It also was used during the Olympics.

The Glorina

Our pub of choice for drinks? Well, the Dickens Inn! Dickens is reported to have written a lot of his work there. The inn is still traditional along with quotes from Dickens on the walls.

The Dickens Inn
Clearly, an excellent Saturday spent with some great people and getting some surprises along the way!

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