Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Look Back on the Past 2 Weeks

As I have been slow to post, I figured that some of you may be interested to see the adventures that I have been embarking on!

8th- First Day of Class and my Internship!

9th- MPASA Marketplace. MPASA is a student organization designed specifically for MPA students. I joined the career team, the social team, and the Public Sphere. I also was able to meet up with my friend John from Syracuse. He's on a Marshall Scholarship here, just finished a Master's, and has started his second. 

11th- After staying up to watch Biden in the VP debate, I went to a Careers in Public Policy event to hear about public service careers in the UK. In the evening, we had our first Policy in Practice Seminar for the MPA programme. Our Dean of the Institute presented on the creation of public policy. 

12th- Had my first wine club meeting! Tons of fun, met some great new people, and looking forward to the rest of wine club. 

13th- Went to Greenwich, the Dickens Inn, and spent the evening in making sure I wasn't getting sick. 

14th -Had high tea with Nicole off a GroupOn. Stay tuned for a blog post about that!

15th- We had our second Policy in Practice Seminar for the MPA Programme. We heard from Craig Calhoun, LSE's New Director. 

17th- Went to the Welcome Reception for LSE's New Director, Craig Calhoun. 

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