Sunday, September 30, 2012

Math Camp.

My past week has been renamed as math camp. As my pre-semester math review course begins for the second week tomorrow, I must say that math camp has been both easy and intense. Highs and lows of remembering basic concepts from high school to those moments where I said, "I just had to choose taking language over math at Syracuse." Nevertheless, it's been a good review as these concepts we have spent numerous hours on in lectures, seminars, and problem sets are the base for the classes this semester. After all, it is the London School of Economics.

My week was pretty basic since I did spend most of time either in class or at home doing homework. Several nights, I was left frustrated because I never took calculus. And, I don't know if you have ever had to learn basic concepts that should be taught over a year in a week, but I have. I'm surviving, though. Our test is this coming Friday and will be used only for advice on harder level economics courses...

I did have some fun during the week.

After all, all work and no play, makes Katie a dull person. 

I was able to check out a lot of campus this week including a lot of the restaurants both on and off. I discovered the Fleet River Bakery with three girls in my program for lunch one day. Let's just say that you can't beat seven pounds for a fish sandwich, potatoes, and a huge hot chocolate.  Also finally made it to Lincoln's Inn Fields. It's a park on campus which has the potential for outdoor reading sessions when it isn't raining out.

Lincoln Inn's Fields

The highlight of Monday- Friday was my Thursday. After morning class and lunch, I headed over to Syracuse London! It was a weird and good feeling to be back inside Faraday. I spent an hour or so catching up with the director as well as a few staff members I really got to know while I was there. I'm going to be volunteering as a student guide and on some other events in the future as well as try to begin to form an official SU alumni group in London.

Thursday evening after a math seminar, I headed back to Syracuse London for an Encompass film event. For those who don't know, I participated as one of the US delegates in the Fall 2010 Encompass Journey of Understanding.  The film event was a new recruiting video to get more to apply to this life-changing experience. What was great about the program was that I was able to be reunited with two people who were a part of the program that I haven't seen in two years. Nicole was there as well- she did the program with me.

Aisha was still in high school when she participated in the program, but now she is interning with Encompass, and Ericka was the US/UK coordinator for 2010.  I was also able to meet the new Syracuse students selected for the amazing experience this summer.

I'm featured with Aisha on the Encompass Business Card!
And, the best ending to my Thursday evening was being reunited with my favorite professor, Wolfgang! I knew he was teaching on Thursday evenings, so I saw him briefly during a fire drill. We talked only for a few minutes, but it was great being able to talk to one of the biggest influences on my life. He provided so much support during the grad school process to my capstone, and when I was applying to be  a Remembrance Scholar. He and I are getting coffee in the coming weeks which will be great!

Wolfgang and I in Belfast, 2010. 

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